A Ward Melville Halloween

By Kristina Chu and Ashley Earl, Staff Writers

Halloween 2013 was unique for Ward Melville High School’s students, as Halloween 2012 was interrupted by the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. This year the halls were filled with quirky costumes- sumo wrestlers, pregnant nuns, even Aladdin with his flying carpet. Junior Connor Murphy explained, “My favorite costume was totally the Doodlebob, which is a character from a ‘Spongebob Squarepants episode; basically Spongebob’s mirror self, Doodlebob, tries to erase the actual Spongebob, literally.” 

Even though the students are in high school, this doesn’t prevent them from trick or treating and enjoying the Halloween spirit. Murphy was glad that Hurricane Sandy didn’t hinder his trick or treating experience this year, whereas last year he spent Halloween “playing dominoes in my powerless house with two of my friends.” Junior Dafni Frohman took the opportunity to “participate in Trick or Treat Street” as well as go trick-or-treating with friends. She notes Halloween was definitely “a lot more lively without Sandy disrupting the community.”  People still played “dress up” and were creative regardless of age.  Senior Eric Hu pointed out, “The whole point of Halloween is to go around collecting candy and have an excuse to eat obscene amounts of sugar in the following days, or weeks depending on your efficiency and skill.”

Hu even mentioned, “Some of the most unique costumes definitely came from the athletic crowd. It’s not every day you get to witness football players as fairy princesses or in ballerina costumes.” Juniors Lauren Bellow, Eileen McCoy, Michelle Antonio, Kirsten Fraas, and Jenna Grilli dressed as their favorite childhood animals for Halloween this year. They spent their Halloween trick-or-treating around their neighborhood and helping at Key Club’s annual Trick or Treat Street.  McCoy said her favorite part of Halloween is “Acting like fools with my friends!”

Sophomore Dana Smith, who dressed as an Angel from Doctor Who, exclaimed “I’ll never stop getting dressed up and I’ll always find an excuse to go trick-or-treating!”

Ward Melville keeps the Halloween spirit full of exuberance and energy, which was noted by junior Miguel Guerrero, who claimed, “You can never be too old to trick-or-treat!”

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