Ping Pong Club?

Fun Fact: Ping Pong is the sixth most popular sport in the world.

Fun Fact: Ping Pong is the sixth most popular sport in the world.

Nicholas Abbatiello, Staff Writer

In the beginning of March, Ward Melville’s very own ping pong club had its first meeting. But the club seems to have been an idea not fully planned out.

Ping Pong Club meets every Friday in the cafeteria, from 2:00-3:00. During that time, the cafeteria is filled with kids playing a variation of the game. The club is in its first steps of becoming a legitimate club, as it does not have adequate means of actually playing the game.

Ward Melville has no paddles or tables leaving the only option to be cafeteria tables to play on. Compared to actual ping pong tables, the cafeteria tables hardly compare. However, Gelinas has some ping pong tables, so perhaps Ward Melville will be able to borrow some of them.

As well as no tables, there is also a shortage of paddles. The club has a few paddles, but they run out quick leaving many without and having to wait to play.

But still, it’s better than nothing. ping pong is a fun game and many do play. So the idea of the club is a good one, but the logistics of the club still have to be worked out.

Once the club picks up and does manage to acquire tables and more paddles, it is sure to be a fun way to spend a little bit of your Friday afternoon.

Even in its early stages, the club is fun to go to and de-stress a little after school.