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First Image Of The Black Hole

Julia Virnelli, Staff Writer

May 11, 2019

Filed under News, Science, Showcase

On Wednesday, April 10th 2019, the first black hole picture was finally revealed. This was a monumental step for the world of science. The Event Horizon Telescope is the international team of scientists who created this ima...

Oral Insulin: A Life-Changing Healthcare Breakthrough

Neil Mehta, Staff Writer

March 8, 2019

Filed under Science

Recent breakthroughs in biotechnology may aid researchers in the development of a groundbreaking medical advancement. The push to develop an oral insulin delivery system has seen great progress in the past months, suggesting ...

Substantial Increase in Emissions, Despite Record Coal Retirement

Erin Zipman, Staff Writer

January 22, 2019

Filed under Op-Ed, Science

The United States shut down about 15 gigawatts of coal power energy in 2018 (twice that of 2017’s coal power plant retirements), according to the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis. This amount is significant - ab...

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