First Quarter in Review

Moments From First Quarter

Kaitlyn Tung, Staff Writer

Last week marked the end of the first quarter of the 2019 school year. From sophomores learning to adjust to the new school environment to seniors working on college applications, feelings about the first quarter varied within the student body. With 1/4 of the year completed, many students seemed either nervous or excited for what the rest of the school year has to offer.

As it is their first year in Ward Melville High School, many sophomores entered the high school environment, unsure of what to expect. “I thought that it was really different from any of the quarters at the junior high.” says sophomore Micah Sher. “It’s a much bigger building and that can take you back a bit.” In terms of workload, many sophomores also viewed the high school as being much more difficult. However, many were able to adjust. Lola Zummo states, “My grades from the beginning of the quarter to the end of the quarter definitely improved. I think I have a better idea of how tests and exams are going to be now.” With all new experiences under their belt, sophomores overall seemed excited for the second quarter.

Juniors appeared the view the first quarter as very stressful. Even though they have the experience of the sophomore year under their belts, classes seemed to be more difficult. Many seemed stressed by the workload. “I am not really looking forward to second quarter because the classes are just going to get harder and my grades are going to drop.” says Luke Randall. Even though the schoolwork is challenging, many are still able to view school in a positive light. Junior Mariam Quaraishi states “Although academically it’s more difficult, I think socially this year is much better. I get to interact with more people.”

Seniors had mixed feelings about the first quarter. When asked how first quarter went for him, senior Srdjan Bozin said “Pretty bad. It was very stressful. We had to work a lot. I had to stay up every night.” With college applications and schoolwork, many seemed very stressed. However, not all of them viewed the first quarter this way. Elizabeth Concepcion states, “Even though the work can be challenging, it is important to remember that it is your last year and you should try to enjoy it.”

As it is their final year in Ward Melville, many seniors try to remember that they should live this year to the fullest. Perhaps senior Chukwudumebi Obi had the best advice: “While this is a stressful period, it is important to remember to appreciate your family and your friends.”