Habitat For Humanity’s Pasta Night

Erin Zipman, Staff Writer

Friday, March 22 was Habitat for Humanity’s Pasta Night fundraiser. Members chipped in with homemade delectable dishes of various noodles with savory sauces, including penne alla vodka, mac and cheese, and ziti bolognese, which were all accompanied with heavenly garlic bread and a range of desserts. A group of talented jazz musicians gave the evening a suave kick. It was the perfect night for families to relax, enjoy good food and music, and bet on raffles. Though delightful in its own right, the pasta dinner was for a greater good: building houses for the vulnerable on Long Island.


Habitat for Humanity is an organization working all across the world to provide safe, affordable housing for people who struggle to keep a roof over their heads. They also provide financial education for new homeowners, and emergency shelter in response to disasters. Senior Gabby Barry decided last year to launch a chapter of Habitat for Humanity in Ward Melville. It was a success: the club raised enough money to participate in four build projects in Bayshore with the Suffolk County Habitat for Humanity chapter. It’s easy to forget that many people on Long Island struggle to get by; organizations like Habitat are helping to alleviate the pressures of living, both on the Island and abroad. Habitat is a club full of dedicated, compassionate students who are willing lend their hearts and their hands to the people right at our back door.  “We get to make not only the world a better place,” says Barry, “but our own community as well”.


Habitat plans on serving at 2 to 3 builds this year. Secretary Cara Torre reports that the club will now focus on booking their builds and electing next years’ officials. Torre, a junior who is passionate about Habitat, plans on running for president next year. She hopes for the club to participate in and host more events, including a booth at Homecoming, Trick or Treat Street, their annual Gingerbread House competition in December, and their annual Pasta Night. Habitat encourages new membership for anyone looking to be a force of equity and kindness in our community.