Inside the Minds of Flat Earthers: WM Edition


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In the past few years, the debate of the shape of the earth is becoming more prevalent in today’s society. Is it round or is it flat? Is it shaped like a dinosaur or a donut? Is the Illuminati and NASA conspiring to brainwash the general public? Since the 6th century B.C., the idea that the earth is round has been in circulation, and with years of study it has almost been proven as fact. But some conspiracists believe it’s all a hoax and that the earth is not round, but flat. With many opinions, it is important to find out what fellow students at Ward Melville think about the shape of the earth.

We interviewed Jedidiah Tan, a Flat Earther himself:

What are your feelings about the Flat Earth debate?

I think it’s a silly debate because it’s already answered. The Earth is definitely flat. There’s nothing to argue, because it’s definitely settled.

What makes you believe that this is true?

When you look around, you don’t see any curvature on the Earth.

Do you find any trustworthiness in NASA?

No, I don’t believe that NASA is trustworthy, because they are a government agency. They are also trying to brainwash us.

Do you think that all government agencies are untrustworthy?

I mean, I think anybody affiliated with the government are working together with the brainwashers.

How do you explain the photos that come from space?

In the words of Ved Sunil, “Photoshop!”

Would you consider yourself under the umbrella term of a Flat Earther?

Flat Earther is too much of a basic and general term, and I consider myself a bit more sophisticated. I prefer to call myself a hyper-planar planetoid believer.

On the other side of the debate, we interviewed sophomore Anabella Torres who has strong opinions towards the Flat Earth debate.

Are you a Flat Earther?


Why aren’t you a Flat Earther?

Because I passed Kindergarten.

Why do you believe the earth is round?

Because there are pictures, which are NOT photoshopped, and if for some reason they are photoshopped, that means every single person and country that have ever been to space are working together to keep the Earth’s true shape a secret. Plus, if no scientists could figure out the earth’s actual shape, then every scientist in the world would be too stupid to be a scientist.

What do you have to say to Flat Earthers?

If you genuinely think that the Earth is flat, you have some issues and should be concerned about your future – get a tutor.

As of right now, the climate of Ward Melville is very diverse. Whether it be American politics, whether or not the school lunch is good, and whether the Earth is round or flat. What do you think?