Coco: Trick-or-Treat Street Rivalry or Cooperation?


Haasitha Korlipara

From Ward Melville Tri-M Honors Society

Kaitlyn Tung, Staff Writer

After school, the many clubs of Ward Melville High School have been preparing for this day for weeks. October 26th is Trick or Treat Street, also known as TOTS, the annual Halloween event where children come to the high school in order to visit the student decorated rooms and receive candy. As always, the entrance fee is one nonperishable food item which will be donated to the local food pantry.

Historically, each club has always chosen one theme to base their decorations and activities around. This year, however, both the Tri-M Music Honor Society and the Spanish Honor Society chose the theme, Coco. This theme was based on the 2017 animated film. One might have expected a competition between the clubs to see which club created a better TOTS theme, but in reality, this was not the case.

The majority of members of the two clubs seemed to have no knowledge that the other club was doing the same theme as them. In fact, many members seemed surprised when informed that they had the same theme as another club. Spanish Honor Society member Rebecca Zhang states “To be honest, I didn’t even know Tri-M was doing the same theme as us.” Other members, when informed, seemed indifferent to the fact that they had the same theme as another club. According to Tri-M member Erica Lin, “I think that the Spanish Honor Society is far enough away from Tri-M that having the same theme won’t make a difference.” Many members of the Spanish Honor Society and Tri-M appeared to feel the same way.

In the end, the Spanish Honor Society and Tri-M had a successful night. Both clubs had many visitors and a fun time. Sometimes, it is nice to take a break from competition and focus only on cooperation.