Jazz Band: A New Concert Experience


Ben Fogarty, a senior trumpet player in the Jazz III Ensemble

Kaitlyn Tung, Humans of Ward Melville Editor

Last Thursday I attended my first jazz concert. I can confidently say that this experience was unique, enjoyable, and unlike any other school concert I have been to. Throughout the majority of my time in school, being a member of the music department through band and occasionally symphonic orchestra  has given me many opportunities to view the various music groups in the Three Village School District. However, I have never attended concerts that were different from the classical music style of orchestra and band prior to this day.

Jazz III Ensemble

The first thing I noticed was the difference in energy when I walked into the room. The concert was held in the LGI, which was a drastic shift from the usual auditorium venue. In the LGI, the seats are almost level with the stage. This is a sharp contrast with the auditorium as the performers are elevated above the audience. The jazz band seemed more comfortable, more approachable. When the director, Mr. Chapman, spoke, it felt as if he was having a casual conversation rather than delivering a speech. Since I arrived late, I had to sit on the steps rather than in a seat. Even so, the atmosphere and overall environment of the concert felt easy and relaxed.

Jazz II Ensemble

I found the programs of both jazz bands to be entertaining and engaging. The performance did not follow the program exactly. It diverged from the written list. Personally, I thought this was the most memorable part. Solo performances of “Misty” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You” were mesmerizing. They showcased the true extent of the talent of these students. This greatly contrasted with the usual routine of other concerts. The jazz band did not follow their program exactly, but instead created their own on the spot.

Overall, the spring jazz band concert was a memorable and I would recommend the experience to others. It was a refreshing detour from the normal concert routine and an entertaining break from my everyday routine.

If you are looking for a different, more relaxed concert experience, attend the next Ward Melville jazz band concert!