2013 The Best and Worst: A Review by Ward Melville Students

Karen Li, Staff Writer

As 2013 comes to a close, many Ward Melville students stop to remember some of their favorite memories from this past year. For Ward Melville students, 2013 has definitely had its share of ups and downs and has presented many surprises, such as especially inclement weather from Winter Storm Nemo. When Ward Melville students were asked to reveal their thoughts on such a hectic year, they grinned and smiled as they reminisced in the past, relishing in their thoughts.

Student responses to the question seemed to both vary and coincide by grade level. For example, sophomores seemed to be the least stressed about their schoolwork and most were still caught up in their junior high school memories. Current sophomore Nima Mohammadi explains in detail, “My favorite memory of 2013 was being able to play in my junior high school graduation ceremony in a quartet. Of all the things we could play, we played Pachelbel’s Canon. It seemed to inaugurate the opening of a new garden; to me the choice seemed perfect. I could truly appreciate the toiling of the plethora of students helping with the garden; the site seemed truly hedonistic. However, my least favorite memory, as I’m sure a lot of students can attest to, was studying for the amalgam of exams that were quite literally shoved into our faces.”

Similarly, another Ward Melville sophomore, who wishes to remain anonymous, reminisces about her freshman year: “I loved getting to spend school days with my friends. However, my least favorite part of the year was definitely the final exams!” Likewise, sophomore Harriet O’Brien laughs and states that her least favorite parts of 2013 were definitely grades in general and studying for finals.

As for the juniors, different things were on their minds. One Ward Melville junior states, “My favorite part of 2013 was passing my road test. However, my least favorite thing was cramming for finals at the end of 10th grade.”

Ward Melville seniors seemed to be by far the most level-headed after a rather chaotic past few weeks. Now many are relieved that they have been accepted to their favorite schools and programs. However, there is a general aversion towards the work required throughout the application process. For example, senior Angelo Yeh states, “My favorite part of 2013 was getting into college, while the worst part was definitely college apps. As for my favorite memory, it would probably be the last night of being in the pit for the [school] play.” Another fellow senior, who wishes to remain anonymous, admits that his favorite part of 2013 was being accepted into his dream college. However, he states, “The process was long and tough, and everything that I’ve put into college apps is very stressful at times. But in the end, it was clearly worth it. 2013 has been a fantastic year for me!”

Overall, 2013 has brought both happiness and laughter to many Ward Melville students. Now as 2014 draws nearer, anything is possible for Ward Melville students; next year, only the sky is the limit.