An American Tradition

Ben Winston , Business Manager

On February 2, 2014, the Seattle Seahawks slaughtered the Denver Broncos 43-8. Throughout the regular season, the Denver Broncos set numerous records. The Broncos’ record breaking 76 touchdowns revealed the ferocity of its offense. However, its offense was silenced as the Seahawks won their first Super Bowl.

The Seahawks quickly established a substantial lead over the Broncos and remained in control of each play for the entirety of the game. The momentum was clearly on the Seahawks’ side after a safety by the Broncos. Multiple Seahawks pummeled Knowshon Moreno after he unsuccessfully tried to race a wild snap out of the end zone. This was the quickest score in Super Bowl history. The swiftness of the first play foreshadowed the outcome of the game.

The Broncos’ robust offense was unable to penetrate the resilient Seahawk defense. The Seahawks held their aggressor to almost thirty points below their scoring average. Manning, a five-time NFL MVP, threw two interceptions. While the Broncos consistently scored numerous touchdowns per game, they were held to a mere eight points. The Broncos remained scoreless until the final play of the third quarter.

Controversy over the location of Super Bowl XLVIII was widely publicized before the game. Many fans and players opposed playing the game on an outdoor field in cold and unpredictable weather. Players believed the stadium should be in a warmer environment or at an indoor stadium. The possibility of snow strengthened opposing arguments. The NFL acknowledged the possibility of snow and took extensive precautionary measures. Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman also opposed the decision to play the game at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. He argued, “It’s the league’s responsibility to show its audience the best possible product, and this can’t happen in the snow.”

The Seattle Seahawks established numerous records during Super Bowl XLVIII. However, the game lacked intensity from the beginning. We can only hope for a more captivating contest next year.