Interview With The Ward Melville Girls Wrestling Team

Claire Sloniewsky, Staff Writer

Claire Sloniewsky: “What are three words to describe this wrestling season?”

Julianna Vera: “Eventful, emotional, and outstanding.”


CS: “What is the best part about your sport?”

JV: “I think the best part of wrestling for me in the past six years was seeing more girls interested in the sport and finally growing our girls team this year.”


CS: “Is there anything you want the school to know about wrestling?”

JV: “This sport is not only one of the most physically challenging sports, but also takes a lot of mental strength and self-discipline.” 


CS: “What impact do you think this team will have on younger girls and other children in general?”

JV: “I know that the history these girls are making will encourage younger girls to go for the sport as well and hopefully we’ll eventually have a team as large as the boys’ team.”


CS: “How does it feel to represent your team in the state invitational?”

JV: “Especially in my senior year of high school, it feels amazing to be able to represent Ward Melville at the first-ever girls state invitational. Never in a million years would 7th grade me think that I would be doing all of this in the matter of 6 years. It’s honestly amazing.”