Interview With The Ward Melville Girls Varsity Basketball Team

Sofia Levorchick, Staff Writer

Sofia Levorchick: “Describe the season so far in three words.”

Gianna Hogan: “A learning experience.”

Catie Edson: “A long ride.”

Julia Greek: “Best for last.”


SL: “How would you describe the team dynamic?”

CE: “We’re all really close.”

GH: “That closeness kind of revolves around music.”

JG: “We’re a real funny bunch.”


SL: “What is the best part about basketball?”

CE: “I would say being with my friends and having pasta parties are the best parts about basketball.”

JG: “I’d say winning and celebrating our wins are the best parts about the sport.”

GH: “I’d say winning and being with my friends.”


SL: “Your team just received the title of overall division champions. How do you all feel about that?”

CE: “Very excited, because my number will be up on the wall.”

GH: “Very excited and proud.”

JG: “It’s very special since it is my senior year, and it’s a great way to end my last year of basketball at Ward Melville.”


SL: “Are you excited for the playoffs?”

CE: “Yes, I’m excited, nervous, all of the emotions.”

JG: “Yes, I’m hype and very excited.”

GH: “Yes, I’m so excited.”


SL: “Who do you think will be the most difficult team to beat?”

All three teammates responded with “Northport”.


SL: “What are your goals for the playoff season?”

All three teammates shared the same goal: “We want to win, but also prove to everyone how good of a team we are and that we are better than some may think.”