Ward Melville Welcomes New Tri-M Advisor

Ashley Hong, Staff Writer


After a memorable and music-filled year with Ms. Gustavsen and Ms. Stiegelmaier, the Ward Melville Tri-M Music Honor Society welcomes a new advisor, Mr. Meier. Mr. Meier, a graduate from the Crane School of Music, is now a music teacher in the Three Village School District. Everyday, his schedule is filled with driving to and teaching Special Education General Music at Ward Melville, the History of Rock and Roll at the Academy, and seventh grade band at Gelinas.

With the help of Tri-M’s exceptional officers, Mr. Meier has been on top of the planning for all of the music honor society’s events. Preparation for Homecoming and Trick or Treat Street is well on its way. Mr. Meier and the officers have also announced the necessary qualifications for apprentices and continuing members of the Ward Melville Tri-M Honor Society.

Music has always been a very important part of Mr. Meier’s life. His principal instrument is the clarinet, which he started playing in the fourth grade in the East Islip School District. Mr. Meier enjoys teaching music because he believes that it is the “best way to pay it forward and say ‘thank you’ to all of [his] teachers who helped [him] and projected a positive influence on [his] life.”