Rosalie Messina on St. John’s University

Rosalie Messina on St. Johns University

Corey Emery, Features Editor

Kscope’s Interview with Rosalie Messina, Class of 2014, currently a freshman at St. John’s University:

Kscope: How did Ward Melville prepare you for the difficulty of the coursework at your school?

Rosalie: Ward Melville absolutely prepared me for college! I actually didn’t realize how academically adept WM is until I started talking to students from different places, and realized how many opportunities for academic growth we had! The AP classes especially helped me. The way AP teachers got me to cogitate is at a whole other level than what some students I’ve seen can do. Especially Mr. Conklin. I learned how to think introspectively, a skill that not many people have, but he does, and he taught that to his students.

Kscope: Is there anything specific to your school that a person should know about?

Rosalie: You should definitely know our core values: We’re Catholic, Vincentian, and Metropolitan!

Kscope: Is there anything that surprised you about the school that you did not know beforehand?

Rosalie: I didn’t know that St. John’s started as a one building Catholic school in Brooklyn in the 1800s. The first bishop of Brooklyn began a school for children of immigrants to receive an education, and now it’s grown into the 2nd largest, most diverse catholic school in the entire world! We have campuses in Rome, Paris, Spain, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and Oakdale!

Kscope: Do you have any advice for a Ward Melville applicant?

Rosalie: Show how your academic successes tie into your spiritual journey. Demonstrating intellectual growth and spiritual growth is what St. John’s values most.

Kscope: What is the atmosphere of your school like?

Rosalie: It has an incredible faith-centered atmosphere, and truly embodies what it means to be Vincentian (like St. Vincent DePaul, who dedicated his life to serving the poor). We use education as a means of giving to our community.  It’s a place like no other!

Kscope: What is the food like at your school? Do you eat out a lot or eat on campus?

Rosalie: I eat out semi-often since I’m so close the city, and Queens is the most diverse borough, so I’ll have Mandarin curry one night, and French bourguignon the next! The best part is having crepes for breakfast!

Kscope: Do you like the dorm arrangements?

Rosalie: I’m in a suite, so yes, I love my dorm! We have our own bathroom, which is extremely exciting!

Kscope: How are your professors?

Rosalie: The professors truly care about their students and do everything they can to make sure you get an A.

Kscope: What is one of your favorite and/or least favorite things about your school?

Rosalie: My favorite thing is that it truly embodies what a Catholic school should be. We have a scholars program called Catholic Scholars, which is comprised of Catholic students who seek to uphold the schools academic and spiritual merit. I only wanted to go to a Catholic school, and St. John’s is just amazing! I see the face of Christ in everyone here, and have grown exponentially as a Catholic leader.

Kscope: How did you find the transition from high school to college life overall?

Rosalie:  It was such an easy transition since I’m in the Catholic Scholars, because I have 40 best friends who are just like me! We all live in the same building and it was just like a never ending party! I banked 3.5 hours of sleep my first week of moving in (but class wasn’t in session yet).