Joey Hines: Board of Ed. Student Representative


Kavya Tangella, Staff Writer

Many probably shudder just thinking about public speaking. The idea of speaking in front of peers may seem frightening enough already, so speaking in front of adults can be absolutely terrifying.
Joseph (Joey) Hines, a current senior and the Student Government president at Ward Melville, is under this stress every other week at Board of Ed. meetings. He says that one of his many responsibilities is to give a student report acting, “as a liaison between the student body and the Board of Ed.”
He admits that, “at first sight, it might seem intimidating sitting next to Board of Education members and representing Ward Melville.” However, he says that he actually feels very comfortable talking to these distinguished members of the district because they, “are all so welcoming and friendly.”
He has attended four meetings so far and in each of these meetings his reports focus on student accomplishments at Ward Melville which include, “sports teams making playoffs, academic honors, [and] artistic and musical accolades.” He hasn’t discussed any issues with the board yet, but if any student has an issue that they feel needs to be addressed, he says that he will, “definitely bring it to [their] attention.”
Hines is successfully fulfilling his role as Student Representative in these meetings and as President of Student Government. If anyone ever has any school or district-wide issue, Joseph Hines is definitely the one to contact.