Varsity Football Captain Interview


Riley Wood, Staff Writer

Ward Melville Varsity Football has come off of a recent win in the Suffolk County Championship, and a loss against the Nassau champion in the Long Island finals. I interviewed captain Josh Rettig (linebacker and offensive lineman) to get insight on how the team carried themselves to the 4th seed rank and secured their spot in playoffs. Here’s what he had to say:

Question: Describe your season so far in three words.

Josh:  “Fun, energetic, and successful.” 


Q: Which athletic achievement of the team are you most proud of?

JR: “We have a very strong team. We have kids who are breaking records for their strength and the team has a positive record.”


Q: What is your favorite thing about football?

JR: “My favorite thing is the bonds that you make within your team. They last a lifetime. You know, it’s great stuff.”


Q: Is there anything you want the school to know about Football or the team in general that they might not know?

JR: “Football is a sport where it’s not about winning, it’s about building friendships and bonds with people. My teammates are people I would do anything with”


Q: As a captain, what was your goal for the team this season?

JR: “Our goal was to go 7-1. Unfortunately, we only ended up going 5-3. That’s what playoffs are for though.”


Q: How was this season different from last season?

JR: “Last year, the leadership on the team wasn’t where it needed to be. Sometimes, people weren’t focused on the games and more focused on what was going to happen afterwards.”


Q: Did you take any steps specifically to better your team this year compared to last?

JR: “This year we worked on bringing it back together by building strong relationships within the team and working really hard to win the county championships.”