Interview with the Girls’ Soccer Captain, Emma Ward


Braeden Slutsky, Sports Editor

Emma Ward is the captain of Ward Melville’s girls’ soccer team, which is currently in its fall season. I interviewed her to gain some insight into the season so far.

Question: Describe the season so far in 3 words.

Emma Ward: “The three words I would use to describe the season so far are undefeated, energetic, and exciting.”

Q: What athletic achievement of the team are you most proud of?

EW: “I am most proud of our tie against Saint Anthony’s High school. Last year we had a very close game with them where we lost by one goal, so this year we were determined to give them an intense game and not lose again. I was very proud of our performance and the effort and energy of every player.”

Q: What’s the best about soccer?

EW: “The best part about soccer is the fast gameplay and getting to work together with my friends to achieve our goals.”

Q: Is there anything that you want the school to know about soccer?

EW: “Something that I want the school to know about girls’ soccer is that our team is very dedicated and works extremely hard every day to win games and overall have a successful season.”

Q: What is your goal for this season?

EW: “My goal for this season is to be a supportive teammate and to do my best every day to help the team in any way I can.”

Q: How will this season be different than last season?

EW: “This season will be different from last season because are going to work even harder to improve our game in order to\ finish the rest of our league games strong and to be successful in the playoffs.”