An Interview with the Tennis Captains

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Sana Khan, News Editor

A highly-played sport at Ward Melville, the current fall tennis season is going strong. To gain further insight into the experiences of some of our athletes, I interviewed the captains of the girls’ tennis team. Here’s what they had to say:


Question: Describe the season so far in 3 words.

Kira Kronenberg: “Fun, tiring, and exciting.”

Catherine Park: “For me personally this season has been tumultuous, melancholy, and happy.”


Q: What athletic achievement of the team are you most proud of?

KK: “I’m proud of coming in second place in our division.”

CP: “Like Kira, I am proud of coming in second place in our division.”


Q: What’s the best part of the sport you play?

KK: “The best part is the friends I’ve made from the school team and outside in my own practice groups. Also, the life lessons that come from the sport, like discipline, have really helped me from a young age.”

CP: “I enjoy the teamwork, and the intimacy among the players, especially in doubles. I like how our entire team cheers for and encourages each other.”


Q: Is there anything that you want the school to know about your sport?

KK: “It takes years to master unlike the more common perception, not anyone can just pick up a racket and start playing at a high level. If you want to test that theory try and play me.”

CP: “Tennis is a lot of fun, especially to watch. There is a lot of strategy as well as skill involved in playing the sport.”


Q: What is your goal for this season?

KK: “I’d like the team to make it to round three of playoffs.”

CP: “I want to aim for getting first in divisionals with my doubles partner, Sophia Khan.”


Q: How will this season be different from the last?

KK: “There are a lot of new people on the team this season that will help make us stronger than the last couple of years.”

CP:  “This year has been different as Kira and I are seniors, so it has been a little bittersweet. A new fun part of this year was that Coach Sussin brought munchkins for us to every Saturday practice.”