The Emergence of a New Evil Empire

The Brooklyn Nets are favored to win the NBA championship and continue to acquire superstars


William Lehr, Staff Writer

The Brooklyn Nets seem to be unstoppable going into the final third of the NBA season. The Nets are now in sole possession of first place in the eastern conference. This hasn’t happened for the Nets since 2003, and they now look onwards to the playoffs. 

Taking a page out of the Yankee’s book, the Nets acquired many expensive stars, making them the second evil empire in New York. The dynamic duo of James Harden and Kyrie Irving, who are 8x all-star and 6x all-star respectively, bring the team to new heights. Harden orchestrates the Nets offense while Irving’s stellar ball handling keeps the Nets on top.  

But that’s not all- these two stars are surrounded by talent. The Nets team also features veteran all-star Blake Griffin. Griffin, who suffered a knee injury that kept him off the court in Detroit, was rumored to never dunk again. The Nets acquired him via buyouts and he has been crucial to the team. On top of his amazing dunks, he also averages 12 points a game with the Nets. Although these numbers are not eye-opening, his presence keeps the rhythm of the team steady. 

Additionally, Joe Harris has been nailing 3 pointers and recently scored 28 points against the Rockets with multiple 3 point field goals. 21-year-old Nicholas Claxton has also been critical to the team. His defense is always reliable, and he consistently scores when given the ball or getting the rebound. However, the Nets’ all-star players have also been a crucial part of the team’s success. This season alone, James Harden has had 12 triple-doubles as a Net and has set numerous records. 

This Nets team is no joke and the rest of the teams in the NBA are watching. The Nets seem to be obtaining all of these all-stars while other contenders, such as the Lakers, seem to be losing them. Lebron James (ankle) and Anthony Davis (achilles) are both out for the Lakers, which threatens their chances of a finals win. 

Unfortunately, the Nets also have their fair share of injuries. Kevin Durant and James Harden have been out due to hamstring injuries. However, if Durant and Harden can be healthy on the court come playoff time, the Nets will be hard to beat.