Chiefs defeat Ravens, Mahomes versus Jackson

Aidan Larsen, Staff Writer

During week three of Monday night football, the Kansas City Chiefs won against the Baltimore Ravens by 14 points. Before this game, both the Chiefs and Ravens were considered two of the greatest teams in the NFL.

So are the Chiefs now the clear superior team? More specifically, is Patrick Mahomes now the clear best quarterback in the league? 

Before this game, Patrick Mahomes was already considered one of the best QBs in the league, but it was also a fair argument that Lamar Jackson could stand up to him.

That night, Mahomes passed for a total of 385 yards. On the other hand, Jackson passed for only 97 yards when normally he is able to reach  200 yards. This means Mahomes passed for about 4 times as many yards as Jackson.

However, Jackson is not known for his passing game. Instead, he is known for his mobility. Jackson rushed for 83 yards, for a total of200 yards of action, which is still approximately half of what Mahomes achieved.

While several signs point to Mahomes being the superior player, there is no clear cut answer for who is truly superior. But what we do know is that as the season progresses, we will see more and more evidence.