A United Front Against Antisemitism

Rebecca Blumenthal

March 9, 2020

On Sunday, January 5th, tens of thousands of Jews and allies marched in New York City to show solidarity amid the recent wave of antisemitism and violence against Jews. Holding signs with lines like “Hatred is not Kosher!...

Plastic Straws

Amy Liu

March 9, 2020

Paper straws are quickly replacing traditional plastic straws at restaurants and cafes across Suffolk County under a new law targeting single-use plastics. The law, which came into effect on January 1, requires that all straws and...

Ward Melville’s Next Prom Theme

Julia Virnelli

February 3, 2020

On November 18th at 2 pm, seniors were given the opportunity to vote for what the 2020 prom theme will be. The prom committee set up in the LGI, with ballots ready to hand out to students. At the doors of the LGI, staff members were ...

Why Is Hong Kong Protesting?

Amy Liu, Staff Writer

October 26, 2019

Over the course of the past few months, Hong Kong - a global hub of commerce and trade - has been rocked by civilian-led protests that have left a significant impact on the usually-bustling metropolis. The protests, which began in Ju...

First Image Of The Black Hole

Julia Virnelli, Staff Writer

May 11, 2019

On Wednesday, April 10th 2019, the first black hole picture was finally revealed. This was a monumental step for the world of science. The Event Horizon Telescope is the international team of scientists who created this ima...

College Admission Scandals

Julia Virnelli, Staff Writer

May 11, 2019

Actress Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli reportedly claimed that they did not know where the $500,000 dollars they were giving to Rick Singer, the scams instigant, was going and that he would use it to get their...

Most Notable Democratic Candidates So Far

Julia Virnelli, Staff Writer

March 30, 2019

A variety of possible 2020 Democratic candidates have either entered the race for presidency or announced their possible entry. The main criteria for Democrats in this election seems to be to elect someone who has the ability to ...

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