New Kavanaugh Allegations Lead To Calls For Impeachment


Image via The Wall Street Journal

Julia Virnelli

On Sunday, September 15, democratic candidates collectively called for an impeachment of Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh, following recent allegations. Republicans continue to defend and advocate for him. 

The New York Times has recently published an opinion piece on the matter, where reporters spent around ten months investigating the allegations made against Kavanaugh in 2018. They had conversed with Deborah Ramirez, a classmate who had heard of the incidences described long before he was nominated or any allegations came out.

Ramirez told The New York Times reporters that she had given the F.B.I a list of 25 people who may have had insight into the events described, but one of them were interviewed or questioned. The two F.B.I agents said to have found Ramierez “credible” enough, and did not feel the need to discuss with anyone else the events in question.

The New York Times reporters uncovered second, unreported incident involving Kavanaugh. Max Stier, another classmate, notified senators and the F.B.I about this separate incident and what he had witnessed, but the bureau decided not to investigate. Everyone that was asked to discuss this incident declined, such as Stier, the female student involved, and other classmates. Kavanaugh declined to talk as well.

Many of the current democratic candidates had a lot to say about the issue. Warren described the series of events as “disturbing”. Harris calls it an “insult to the pursuit of truth and justice”. Castro, along with most other democratic candidates, believe that Kavanaugh should be impeached because of this.

The opposing side of this argument did not stay silent. President Trump showed his support for Kavanaugh through twitter. He claimed that Democrats are attempting to “scare him into turning liberal”, and that he is being “treated HORRIBLY”. In another tweet, Trump states that he thinks Kavanaugh should start “suing people for libel”.