Ward Melville’s Next Prom Theme

Julia Virnelli

On November 18th at 2 pm, seniors were given the opportunity to vote for what the 2020 prom theme will be. The prom committee set up in the LGI, with ballots ready to hand out to students.

At the doors of the LGI, staff members were present to check each student’s gold card to make sure only seniors were voting. Despite the excitement shown by the senior class days prior to the vote, less than half the LGI was filled with students ready to fill out a ballot.

Before given the opportunity to vote, presentations were given on the two possible theme options. Each presentation lasted around five minutes and discussed plans for layout, invitations, and the entrance. The two themes left for students to vote on were “Tangled” and “The Roaring 20s”. Brooke Phillips, Prom Committee’s Vice President, said that the week prior there were five theme options, but the committee had to vote on only two to present to the senior class.

Many students I talked to seemed either unsure or had no preference for either theme. Jesse Sippel decided to vote for The Roaring 20’s. Although he admitted to not really caring about prom, he was opposed to the theme being Tangled. Another senior, Jillian Morocco, also voted for The Roaring 20’s. She believed that “the end result would look better.” If she could have chosen her own theme, she would have chosen “Olympus” because she believed that “the ideas for that theme would have looked amazing”.  Other students had similar thoughts to Morocco, looking forward to an “Olympus” theme.

The results of the vote will be announced on Tuesday, November 26th, the day before Thanksgiving Break.