CVS and Walgreens to Offer Abortion Pills Following FDA’s Lift of Mifepristone Regulations

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The use of abortion pills to terminate pregnancies has long been a contentious issue. An “abortion pill” is a type of medicine used to end any form of pregnancy. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lifted its regulations on the sale of mifepristone, one such medication, which means that these pills can now be sold in popular pharmacies. As a result, well-known drugstores like CVS and Walgreens have decided to offer mifepristone, but only in states where abortion is still legal.

Previously, the FDA required that abortion pills could only be dispensed in medical settings with a prescription from a medical provider. Though a prescription from a medical provider is still a necessity, the FDA is now permitting retail drugstores to provide mifepristone once they complete a certification process. Taking the overturning of the Roe v. Wade case into account, CVS and Walgreens have stated they will only carry out the sale of mifepristone in states where abortion is still legal.

In addition to selling abortion pills in person by certified doctors or clinics, these chains intend to dispense the medication through mail order and delivery. Providing numerous ways for consumers across the country to obtain mifepristone will have a significant impact on the overall consumption of the product. Currently, abortion pills are already being used in over half of all pregnancy terminations in the United States.

As conservative states continue to defend their ban on all forms of abortion, these pills have become increasingly sought after for those in need. Thus, the decision by these chain pharmacies to take part in the sale of abortion pills could result in further division in the debate on abortion. Though this decision by pharmacies is viewed as controversial and divisive by many, the availability of abortion pills in popular pharmacies will provide women with more control over their own bodies and greater choice regarding their reproductive health.