A Monopoly on Taylor Swift Tickets


Photo courtesy of Andy Li at Unsplash.com

Claire Sloniewsky, Staff Writer

As the award for most concert tickets sold in a single day was awarded to Taylor Swift’s upcoming “Eras Tour,” some fans were devastated when the remainder of sales were canceled. When Taylor Swift announced her tour details and dates, she ensured the opportunity for all fans to purchase tickets through presale code or general admission tickets. She also stated that the ticket prices would be affordable, ranging from $49 to around $449. These promises were broken in the “Eras Tour” presale release.

After Ticketmaster, the website that Swift used for her sales, crashed, it became clear that the release would not run smoothly. About 1.5 million fans were given presale codes, allowing them to obtain tickets earlier than the general public. Out of that 1.5 million, around 14 million people joined Ticketmaster’s queue to buy tickets without a code. This large overload of people caused the website itself to crash, making it nearly impossible to buy a ticket. 

Many people began reselling tickets, but they were thousands of dollars over the limit that Swift had initially promised. A fan even claimed to be “embarrassed” after she spent $5,500 dollars. “It wasn’t something fun, like it was supposed to be. I feel guilty. I feel like I did something impulsive in panic mode” (POP BUZZ). 

Even Taylor Swift herself appeared to be frustrated by the news, saying “all 2 million tickets for the Verified Fan onesale were sold to Verified Fans. Only ticket buyers who were verified were permitted to enter a queue” (POP BUZZ). Despite the many complications regarding ticket sales for the “Eras Tour”, nearly 2.4 million fans are now able to view their favorite artist in her first concert in 4 years.