Taylor Swift Kicks Off Her Eras Tour


Photo courtesy of Omid Armin at Unsplash.com

Kate Gmytrasiewicz, Staff Writer

Taylor Swift, now recognized as one of the world’s most successful singer-songwriters, recently embarked on her new tour. The start of her ‘Eras Tour’ was Friday, March 17, in Glendale, Arizona. This is the first of many dates to come, with Swift hosting a planned 51 separate concerts across the United States through August.

This is her first concert since 2018, when she performed hit songs from her album, ‘Reputation.’ Fans were unsure of what to expect. Fans were stunned by her performance, despite the nearly five year gap between the show in 2018 and her most recent concert. Curating a massive set list of 44 songs, Swift reportedly directed her efforts on highlighting all of the different eras of her musical career thus far.

The songs lived up to Swift’s promise to highlight her almost 20 year career. The show includes one of her debut hits: “Tim McGraw,” through which those at the concert were able to relive Taylor Swift’s startup as a young singer. The three hour and fifteen minute performance continued to cover music from her other “eras,” with performances from ‘Lover,’ ‘Reputation,’ and her newest album, ‘Midnights.’