Why People Aren’t Quarantining


Aidan Larsen, Staff Writer

During this time, staying away from other people is the only way to prevent you from
getting COVID- 19. Wearing a mask while in public may help, but it also may not guarantee
safety from the virus. Some people are convinced that they are completely immune with a mask,
but let me break the news you’re not. Staying home in quarantine, while it may not be fun, will
guarantee safety.

The question is, why do some people just not care? Do those people just not care about
getting the virus? It’s possible, but I don’t think that is the case for most people.

It may be true that if a young healthy person gets the virus they are most likely not going
to be severely affected. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take normal precautions to prevent
yourself from it. That is because once you get it you MUST stay completely isolated or else it is
guaranteed that you will spread it, and therefore worsening the whole problem.

Then there are the people that say they must go to a store everyday. It doesn’t matter
who you are, no one should not have to go to any store more than once or twice a week, if even
that much. Yes I understand that everyone has to get enough food, but instead of being
unorganized and planning meals on the fly, write a list. Write out what meals you will have for the
whole week and get everything at once.

In addition, you shouldn’t go to stores other than the supermarket and pharmacy. I know
that you have all the time in the world and maybe you want to build a new fence but why take
that extra trip to Home Depot where you could be getting the virus?

Another part of quarantine that most people hate is not seeing their friends. Yes it is
annoying but realistically if you do try to talk in person there is definitely a chance you could be
in danger of the virus. Like you may already be doing, take advantage of the technology we do
have nowadays to talk on the phone or Facetime.

So as you may be getting bored the only thing that will end this sooner is staying in
quarantine. One positive is at least you can still communicate with people not living in the same
house as you. If this was to happen a long time ago we would be completely cut off from each
other. So stay home, and let’s all do our part to end this time.