“Waste It On Me”: Steve Aoki and BTS Release New Single



From AllKPop.com: The BTS billboard in Hollywood

Neil Mehta, Staff Writer

After widespread success of their two previous collaborations, The Truth Untold and a remix of Mic Drop, BTS and Steve Aoki have returned for a third major collaboration with their new single released on Friday, Waste It On Me.

The release was preceded by the appearance of a mysterious billboard in Hollywood, consisting of eight multicolored circles, simply titled “BTS”. Slowly, letters were revealed to uncover the word “AND”. This cryptic billboard led to speculation throughout BTS’ fanbase, including attributing the message to a new release, a message for fans, or a commercial.

The billboard’s message became evident when, on Thursday, Aoki announced the upcoming collaboration, offering fans a preview of the song in exchange for tweeting #WasteItOnMe. The display revealed the message “BTS AND STEVE AOKI”, and fans stormed to the scene to meet Aoki the same day.

On Friday, the full track was released and achieved rapid worldwide success. It was streamed one million times within four hours of its release and topped both the Global iTunes and Last.fm charts. The upbeat EDM release was sung entirely in English, featuring vocals from BTS members RM, Jimin, and Jungkook. The track was uploaded to Youtube as a lyric video, including the graphics present in the original billboard, such as the vibrant background and multicolored circles.

BTS expressed their enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating:

We’re happy for this meaningful and heartfelt collaboration. The song is just so amazing, we really enjoyed working on it. It’s our first song that is entirely in English. It was refreshing and fun to record the song. We hope this would be a good present for our fans.

Waste It On Me was announced to be featured on Aoki’s upcoming album, Neon Future III, set to release on November 9th.