47 and Counting: Movie Industry Titan Harvey Weinstein Accused of Sexual Assault By At Least 47 Women


Meredith Bushman, Staff Writer

Harvey Weinstein being accused of sexual harassment by 47 different women is not a surprise, which is truly devastating.

It is mortifying that we have not only tolerated but allowed this culture to continue in Hollywood. With phrases such as the ‘casting couch,’ it’s not hard to piece together the fact that many people of power in the film industry use that power to get themselves whatever — or whoever — they want.

That’s what Harvey Weinstein did. He exploited his superiority and in a way that made the victims feel as if their careers — and lives — would collapse before them if they did not comply with his demands. Any attempts to speak out against him were silenced-until now.

There’s something to be said about strength in numbers. The once untouchable Harvey Weinstein has now been stripped of his accolades, expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, resignation from the Weinstein Company, led to an end to the Weinstein Company’s book deal with Hachette Book Group and a suspension from the British Academy of Film and Television, fired from his own company, about to be expelled from the Producer’s Guild of America, and divorced by his wife, Georgina Chapman..

Albeit the horrid situation, there is one silver lining: the media is having an open, unrestrained conversation about sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Inspired by the courage of the women who finally took a stand against Weinstein, thousands of other women have shared their own battles. On social media, a movement known as #MeToo began. The movement began as a way for survivors to unite, but the outcome so far has been so much more than that.

The hashtag serves to show how many women in our society today have been taken advantage of, and how the assailants are too often dismissed, not found guilty, or given a lesser sentence. Too frequently, a blind eye is turned, a voice is muted, and a story is suppressed.

Harvey Weinstein was caught and rightly punished, but that still doesn’t guarantee change. While Weinstein is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with the film industry, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a myriad of men just like him.

If we truly want to see a change in this industry, we must do more. Weinstein should not have been able to get away with what he has for so long. In order to see advancement we must be bold and take a page from those who stood up to Weinstein. If not, the cycle will continue, with a new person of power, and a new slew of victims.