Breakthrough in Global Climate Change: Obama’s Plan of Action

Thomas Howell, Op-Ed Editor

Recently, a team of scientists led by Dr. Steven Palmer studied the flow of water from the ice sheets in Greenland as the glacier melted due to climate change factors. What they discovered was that the water flowed from the glacier in subglacial tunnels which could be mapped out and studied. By examining these melting patterns, they could further refine predictions regarding the rate of glacial melting and thus, determine the rate at which the sea level will rise. These findings can be modified and applied to other ice sheets around the world to help scientists predict the sensitivity of certain ice masses to climate change and therefore anticipate ocean level changes.

In light of breakthroughs in science such as this one, world leaders become better equipped to plan for the future. President Obama has proposed a new climate change plan that includes cutting back on carbon emissions, strengthening roads and bridges to protect people from extreme weather, and cooperating with other nations to reduce pollution. As science continues to shed light on the process of climate change, it is imperative that powerful figures around the world like Obama enforce such plans dedicated to protecting the people and environment on Earth from global warming.

Climate change is a frightening threat looming on the horizon, but with new scientific discoveries expanding our knowledge of global warming and world leaders planning for the future, it is a threat we will be able to overcome.