Cinnabar’s First Coffeehouse Of The Year


Priya Mukhi, Staff Writer

On Friday, November 18th, about fifty Ward Melville students gathered in the school cafeteria to watch their peers perform everything from poetry to rock music. Coffeehouse is an event held by Cinnabar, Ward
Melville’s award winning literary magazine and writing club. It is a night for all students to enjoy and perform live music and poetry, and is held about four times each year.

Music was performed by bands such as Run For The Whales, an indie pop rock group composed of three Ward Melville students: Matt Chiarelli, Nick Karson, and Aidan Tweedy. They performed songs like Arctic Monkeys’ “Mardy Bum” with Matt Chiarelli singing and Nick and Aidan on the guitar. Molly Danieli, a sophomore, sang “You and I” by Ingrid Michaelson while playing the ukulele. Another musical act of the night was Blackalicious’ “Alphabet Aerobics” performed by Matt Chiarelli singing, and Shawn Brennan on the drums. Lexi Sullivan sung “Hallelujah”, which left many students in awe of her beautiful voice.

Poetry was also read by several students. Leah Cussen read “Alone” by Edgar Allen Poe, and Connor Riley read a poem he wrote for an assignment about a duck named Robert. Cinnabar’s co-presidents James Riley and Kat Johnson also performed their own poems, which were both very well written.

So, why should you go to Coffeehouse? Cinnabar’s club advisor Ms.Crispino says, “I think there’s something for everybody at Coffeehouse, I really do. Anyone who likes music is usually very entertained, [and] kids who enjoy reading or listening to poetry… I think it’s just a fun night… a place to relax, and to be entertained.” The next time this event will be held is either in January or February, and all students are invited to attend. Tia Mehta, a sophomore at Ward Melville, describes Coffeehouse as “Fun new and social. It’s a fun [event to attend] and you can make new friends. And, it’s nice seeing how creative people are.”