Go Big or Go Home

Priyanka Rane, Staff Writer

Have you ever wanted to go fishing, but don’t own a boat? Well look no further than the Ward Melville fishing club. The club meets after school on Tuesdays and is open to students in all grades. Robert Wilson, a History and AP Psychology teacher at Ward Melville, is the advisor for the Fishing Club.

His goal for the club is for it to help teach students who don’t have “fishing mentors” and be a “great way to be involved and begin to learn about the sport.” In addition to going fishing, the club holds annual contests, workshops, field trips, where guest speakers often come.

The Ward Melville High School Fishing Club will host the 3rd annual Saltwater Fishing Expo and Fundraiser on Saturday March 7 2015 at 9am in Ward Melville.


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