What Colors Do You See?

Hira Khan and Haebin Chang, Social Media Manager and Staff Writer

On Thursday, February 26th, many Ward Melville students were frustrated over opposing views regarding the colors of a dress posted online. The dress was first posted by a bride when guests couldn’t agree on the colors of the dress her mother wore to the wedding.  Caitlin McNeill, a member of the wedding band, posted a picture of the dress on Tumblr a few days after the event. She received an overwhelming amount of responses from the Tumblr community and the picture soon became viral hit.  

As students walked into Ward Melville Friday morning, all they could hear were debates regarding the colors of the dress. Senior Andre Lukin joked, “Two girls can wear the dress to prom because there won’t be a conflict.”A group of juniors were found in the library debating the color of the dress. Michaela Cunningham, part of this group, commented, “It’s definitely blue and black. No, It’s white and gold. Definitely white and gold.” Senior Amir Nassiri simply stated, “It’s white and gold”.

The Ward Melville High School Art page on Facebook created an event called “Ward Melville Color War” where students are invited to wear the colors they see to school on Monday, March 2nd.

Let us know what colors you see below!