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Apple Pencil: Crucial or Causeless?

Thomas Howell, Staff Writer

October 6, 2015

Filed under Science

On September 9th, 2015, Apple® announced the Apple Pencil™, a stylus introduced for the iPad Pro costing just under $100 that will be made available for purchase in November of 2015. The Apple Pencil is sensitive to angle a...

Drug Price Exponentially Increases from $13.50 to $750

Andrew Kim, Staff Writer

September 27, 2015

Filed under Science

Hospitals and pharmacies are having riots due to the price inflation of a 62 year-old drug, Daraprim, that is used in HIV, cancer, and parasitic infection treatment. This ancient drug, also known as phyrimethamine, is used...

Thrown for a Loop

Thrown for a Loop

May 16, 2015

Good Luck Islandbots!

March 28, 2015

Applied Math Collaborative Named State Finalist in Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest

Ashley Hong, Staff Writer

November 20, 2014

Filed under Science

Ward Melville’s Applied Math Collaborative was named one of the five New York State finalists in the 2014-2015 Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest. There were 3,100 applicants throughout the nation, and Ward Melville High School...

3D Printing and the World of Tomorrow

Kriti Jindal, Science Editor

November 1, 2014

Filed under Science

  3D printing is starting to shift from an incredible but implausible technology of tomorrow to a potentially game-changing technology of today. Recently, the first large-scale electric car was printed as a result of collaboration...

Apple Family’s Newest Addition: iMac with Retina 5k Display

Karen Li, Staff Writer

October 30, 2014

Filed under Science

The new iMac with Retina 5k Display, released on the morning of October 28, 2014, is officially the newest addition to the everblooming Apple family and is one of Apple's largest creations yet. Consisting of 14.7 million pixels...

Ebola: Modern World’s Most Virulent Disease Spreads to NY

Karen Li, Commons Editor

October 26, 2014

Filed under Science

  Ebola is a deadly virus whose recent outbreak began this March in West Africa. It is one of the most prominent topics in the scientific community around the world. 90% of people who become the infected with the virus...

Three Seniors Named Siemens Semifinalists

Ashley Hong and Eleni Aneziris

October 20, 2014

Filed under Science

The Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology was founded by the Siemens Foundation in 1999, and has since become one of the most popular research competitions for high school students in the nation. Every year, several...

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