New COVID-19 Variant Spreads Through UK

Adam Bear, Staff Writer

Since December, a new, more contiguous, variant of COVID-19 has been spreading through the UK. Throughout January, hospitals in the UK have been treating approximately 25,000 patients. The UK’s death toll from COVID has since surpassed 76,000.

In reaction to these data and the evolving circumstances, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has issued a national lockdown. This lockdown means that people will work from home unless it is impossible, and only leave for exercise or essential trips. Schools will be closed for all children except those of essential workers and vulnerable children. The lockdown will last at least six weeks.

The UK government is also working to vaccinate the population at this time, as it is effective against the COVID variant. So far, over 1.3 million people have been vaccinated, and over 1000 vaccination centers have opened across the country.

It is unclear whether the COVID variant originated in the UK, but it is evident that it creates massive problems for the nation. According to officials, the variant is 50-70% more contagious, and the daily rates of infection and death are growing rapidly.