Class of 2022 Sophomore Walkthrough


Neil Mehta and Kate Woo

There’s a palpable feeling of nerves and excitement running through the walls of Ward Melville. Incoming Sophomores look eagerly for their friends, as juniors and seniors guide them to their classrooms. Even some teachers are there to help this hectic time go as smoothly as possible. 

This year, the student walkthrough was run by members of Ward Melville Key Club, who helped direct students to their class locations and offered assistance in navigating the halls. “I think it’s great to be the key club treasurer and help with the orientation because you meet lots of younger kids who are going through what you went through last year,” says Key Club board member Annabella Torres. “I met a girl who had the same science teacher as I did last year and it was like meeting a mini-me!”

Sophomores coming from Murphy, Gelinas, and out of the district flooded the halls to explore their classes, school facilities, and new lockers. “The lockers are skinny,” says sophomore Matt Chen. The rest of the incoming class seems to agree. “The lockers are small and hard to open,” says sophomore Claire Yang. 

In addition to incoming students, juniors, seniors, and alumni came to help run the event (with the Key Club) or help guide younger siblings through the halls. While incoming seniors help run events such as these, they prepare for the college application season, which is in full blast by September. “We’re excited to get into the real world,” says senior Chelsea Pan. “…But scared about college applications,” adds senior Eesha Gupta.

The incoming class will form the Ward Melville Class of 2022 and will have access to many of the school’s new facilities, such as Chromebooks provided for all students and an expanding course list, as well as a growing list of student-led clubs and organizations. 

Photos by Kate Woo