Global Warming: Should It be Ignored?

Hannah Daniel

March 2, 2016

With numerous issues affecting the global community today, such as international conflicts and medical subjects, environmental issues often occur without great recognition from the public, despite its profound effect on the biological...

Curiosity Reaches Martian Sand Dunes

Matthew Okrent

March 2, 2016

In early January, the Martian rover Curiosity began to explore a series of sand dunes known as the Bagnold Dunes.  These actively growing sand dunes are at the base of Mount Sharp, where the Curiosity Rover was originally supposed...

New Evidence Surfaces for Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

Thomas Howell, Op-Ed Editor

February 14, 2016

Earlier this month, a breakthrough in black hole research confirmed the last portion of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. This final concept outlined in Einstein’s theory dealt with gravitational waves, or ripples in spacetime...

El Niño... Say What?

El Niño… Say What?

January 31, 2016

Modern Homes Burn Faster

Kathleen Esfahany

January 8, 2016

Lightweight manufactured wood and synthetic materials are causing modern homes to burn faster than ever before. Certain measures can be taken to ensure a safe escape in the event of a fire.

Breakthrough in Global Climate Change: Obama’s Plan of Action

Thomas Howell, Op-Ed Editor

December 10, 2015

Recently, a team of scientists led by Dr. Steven Palmer studied the flow of water from the ice sheets in Greenland as the glacier melted due to climate change factors. What they discovered was that the water flowed from the glacier...

A Dramatic Decrease in Smoking Rates

December 10, 2015

2015 has been a year of dire trends for the United States - obesity has been increasing dramatically due to poor diets, police brutality against African Americans has become more evident in news coverage and media, and an asto...

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