Ryan Reynolds Interested in Buying the Ottawa Senators


Justine Bushman, Staff Writer

Canadian-American Actor Ryan Reynolds, known most famously for his roles in movies such as “Deadpool,” “The Proposal,” and “The Adam Project,” has expressed his interest in buying another sports team in a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon—The Ottawa Senators. Reynolds has previously bought the Wrexham AFC, an English football team, in conjunction with Rob McElhenny.

Reynolds, who grew up in Vancouver and Ottawa, expresses the connection to hockey he and other Canadians have: “Children are eased out of the womb in ice skates in Canada. Hockey is just part of the system when you grow up.”

Reynolds compares sports with the art of storytelling, saying that it is an often-overlooked aspect of sports. Jimmy Fallon supported Reynolds, agreeing that sports are “driven by emotion,” which is an interesting factor that Fallon said could “grow a sports club in a really beautiful and distinctly amazing way.” 

When Reynolds discusses the expenses of buying the team, he got into the details of needing “a partner with really deep pockets.” The formal term for creating a group to buy an entity is called a consortium, which Reynolds summed up as “a fancy way of saying ‘I need a sugar mommy or sugar daddy.’” The average price of a NHL franchise is $1.01 billion, according to Sportico, which is quite the investment even for one of the highest-grossing film actors of all time. 

The owner of a sports franchise often handles salaries, arena rent, taxes, and all of the club’s other obligations. However, the owner is also responsible for hiring top executives and team-builders such as the general manager, responsible for signing, releasing, and trading players.

If he were to purchase the Senators, Reynolds would mainly have financial control over the team, which would add another sports franchise to his ever-growing list of investments and purchases, including, but not limited to, Aviation Gin, software company 1Password, and financial management firm Wealthsimple.