Rex Orange County Charged With Six Counts of Sexual Assault

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Claire Sloniewsky, Staff Writer

For two weeks in June of 2022, Rex Orange County, the stage name of musician Alex O’Connor, reportedly sexually assaulted a woman in London.  As a result, O’Connor has been charged with six counts of sexual assault. The victim claimed these acts occurred twice in London’s West End and four times the day after in a taxi and in his home in Notting Hill. Due to these allegations, he appeared at the Southwark Crown Court on October 10 and pleaded not guilty to all of the charges, allowing him to be released on unconditional bail.

In July of 2022, Alex O’Connor announced that he was canceling his tour dates in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. Fans reacted negatively to the news on Twitter, tweeting that, “The way everyone was so concerned for Rex Orange County when he said he was canceling shows, when it actually was because he was accused of sexual assault. vile man” (Hot Press). Many tattoos inspired by him are getting removed and his merch is being returned. Alex O’Connor has not reported any new tour dates or posted on social media since the sexual assault has been reported.