Harry Styles Joins the Marvel Family


Photo courtesy of Krists Luhaers on unsplash.com

Braeden Slutsky, Staff Writer

On October 18, the newest Marvel movie, Eternals, premiered in movie theaters around the world. According to Variety reporter Matt Donnelly, famous musician Harry Styles made an appearance during the post-credits scene.

Eternals is about a group of immortal beings coming together to defend the Earth from evil monsters known as Deviants. Harry Styles’ character only shows up in the post-credit scene, so people do not know much about his character, but his name was reported to be Eros. Eros is the brother of Thanos from the comics. Thanos had his on-screen debut in the post-credit scene of the first Avengers movie which slowly built up to Avengers Infinity War. In this movie, he became a major threat until finally being defeated in Avengers Endgame.

In the comics, Eros, unlike his brother, is mainly a hero who is also known as Starfox. While Marvel’s plans for Styles’ character are unknown, many suspect that he will show up again in the future like Thanos, most likely in Eternals sequel or even a possible team up movie with different characters.

Harry Styles’ appearance in the post credits has caused an increase in ticket sales. People eagerly await a sequel to Eternals in which they hope to see more of Styles’ character.