A Message to District Staff

Rules Are For Everyone

Will Lehr, Staff Writer

The Coronavirus has taken a drastic toll on our lives. The one thing that has made this year feel somewhat normal is going to school 5 days a week. I myself am very grateful that we are back in school and applaud the district for its successful reopening so far. However, there is one thing that jeopardizes our plan: the lack of diligence around the school. Walking in the halls, I see students not wearing their masks correctly, either with masks under the nose or on their chins. Although this behavior may be expected of adolescent students, the negligence of our staff surprised me. 

I walk past classrooms and see staff members without masks on. I walk past our custodians and security after school and see their masks hanging from their ears. How are students expected to wear their masks while some adults don’t even wear them? All staff must set an example for students. In the month of March, over 30 staff members in the district contracted Covid-19. Although these cases may not be related to wearing masks in school, keeping them on is crucial to stopping the spread. We have signs posted all over the district buildings urging us to “Keep your mask on at all times, unless eating.” These rules apply to both staff and students.

 A majority of staff and students do keep their masks on, but we do not want a few individuals to jeopardize everyone else. Even if you are vaccinated, please remain diligent. This is not just for our safety, this is for the safety of parents, grandparents, and friends. Please wear your mask, and wear it correctly.