In the Eyes of RBG, I Matter, I’m Heard, and I’m Powerful

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Reyva Jamdar, Staff Writer

5 feet tall. A short woman whose large glasses and seemingly small voice hid an attitude that shaped the United States. That shaped me. That possibly even shaped my future. I’ve always had a big voice. A big personality. A huge desire to see, understand, and ultimately change the world. Growing up, I’ve dedicated my time to reach this goal. I spent eight or so hours at school, studying biology and math. And then used my remaining time working through the Mock Trial season, all to reach this one goal. I always question what sparked this need for change. Who made me such a diligent worker? Who helped me see my potential? Who knew and understood me even when I didn’t know her personally? Ruth did. “The Notorious RBG,” a legend, to say the least, has played a prominent role in my teenage years. 

We have lost a champion of justice. A woman of valor and of grace, Ruth Bader Ginsburg helped me find my voice. As an attorney, Justice Ginsburg was my hero. I’ve grown up searching for a profession in the legal field. Fascinated by the subject of law, I have constantly harbored the ambition of using this passion for the greater good. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a real-life example that this was possible. When preparing for competitions during the spring of my Mock Trial season, I studied Justice Ginsburg’s powerful essence by watching her speak. My interest in the law only intensified at that point, as her passion showed me what it meant to live a life committed to social justice. 

As a young woman, it was extremely meaningful to see Justice Ginsburg lead the Supreme Court’s liberal wing. She changed the way the law sees gender. Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, a landmark decision regarding abortion rights, marked a turning point in the United States. Justice Ginsburg, along with four other Supreme Court Justices, determined my future with that 5-3 vote. I knew then and there that my voice was finally being heard. I mattered. My rights mattered. And that meant a lot to me. 

But with Justice Ginsburg gone, my sacred rights might be in jeopardy. My future, or so I thought, was always untouchable. I was to become a lawyer and continue Justice Ginsburg’s fight for equality. But after her passing, my future looks a little foggy. Her death could be the beginning of the end for Roe v. Wade, as it’s likely that Ruth’s replacement will encourage overturning this monumental case. If this happens, our fight for equality would be for nothing. Women would be seen as “trivial” yet again. Therefore, many people believe that Ruth’s remarkable actions were for nothing. But that’s not the case.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, no matter what, has left an impact on this world. I am who I am because of Justice Ginsburg. I believe what I believe because of Justice Ginsburg. And most importantly, I dream what I dream because of Justice Ginsburg. My voice could be heard in a courtroom twenty years from now due to Ruth’s tireless deeds. So I know that she’s looking down at us with a smile, eager to see how and when we continue to fight.