Will SNL’s 46th season actually be “live from New York”?


Photo by Asit Khanda on Unsplash

Alana John, Staff Writer

The onset of COVID-19 brought many changes to live television. Shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Late Late Show had to shut down operations for months and alter their methods of production to comply with social-distancing and quarantine guidelines.

Yet with the unique, fast-paced live entertainment synonymous with Saturday Night Live, it required a complete revamp, ending its 45th season with three biweekly broadcasts of home-recorded sketches featuring cast members. On October 3rd, SNL is slated to begin its 46th season with episodes “live from New York!”. NBC shared that there will be a “limited in-studio audience,” but did not specify how many episodes the new season would have overall.

While all the cast members from last year will return, SNL writer Andrew Dismulkes, and comedians Lauren Holt and Punkie Johnson have been hired as featured players this year.

Producer Lorne Michaels also confirmed that Alec Baldwin will return to play President Donald Trump, Maya Rudolph will return to play Senator Kamala Harris, Beck Bennett will again portray Vice President Mike Pence, and Jim Carrey will take on the role of Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden.

With the production of many scripted programs delayed by the pandemic, it may be heartening for some fans to see a beloved show back on the air.