Cinderella Auditions


Shannon Kelly, Staff Writer

This years Ward Melville musical production is none other than the magical tale of Cinderella, the story revolving around courage, kindness, a glass slipper, a fairy godmother and a curfew.

When taking into consideration how classic the story is, the cast and crew have a substantial amount of pressure to capture the finished product perfectly. 

This all starts with auditions. This years’ auditions were held from September 17th-20th, which also included callbacks and dance auditions. The auditions are a very nerve-racking process for most of the students because of how vital they are in deciding their role for the show. But despite the last-minute jitters, the audition process is critical and needed for the betterment of the show.

According to Halle Marte, a senior who is cast as the Queen in the production, “Although the audition process might be the most stressful part of my school year, the experiences I’ve had in the musical have made it all worthwhile!” One of the most important things to everyone involved is that the show is casted to the best of its ability.

Ms. Contino, the choral and musical director in charge of the musical, states “I don’t think it’s stressful in the sense that the students have their own independent ability to choose what’s best for them, they are not being asked to be streamlined into a consistent song or monologue that maybe wouldn’t fit everybody so I’m trying to keep everyone as stress-free as possible in the initial audition process. The call-back process has students for similar roles singing and reading in those roles which I prepare them for in the beginning of the call backs and while that might be stressful for the students because they’re performing in front of each other, that does indicate to us that they can do it in front of an audience,”

Meghan Woods, the senior cast as Cinderella says “Auditioning is always stressful because you never have any idea what will happen but it is so worth it to put yourself out there because the experience that follows is incredible.”