Super Bowl LIII – A review


Nicholas Abbatiello, Staff Writer

This year’s Super Bowl had one of the lowest ratings in recent years.

Within the past decade, the Super Bowl was the least viewed, dropping over 5 million viewers from last year. There were quite a few factors that contributed to this. One of these is that viewers in New Orleans boycotted the Super Bowl. Due to accusations of a faulty call made in the New Orleans Saints vs Los Angeles Rams NFC championship game which would’ve given the team a very good chance to advance to the Super Bowl. In the end, they lost and Saints fans were irate. They had a “boycott bowl” in which bars put the Saints Super Bowl victory in Super Bowl XLIV onscreen.

Colin Kaepernick is also a cause of this year’s low views. Some of his supporters decided to not watch the game due to his current position, as he has not played a in a single game since he took a knee during the national anthem back in 2016. 

The last reason for this is the game was an absolute snoozefest. There was only one touchdown the whole game and viewers had to wait until the fourth quarter to witness it. The final score was 13-3 Patriots. The monotony of the game was so intense that it drove many to focus their attention elsewhere. It was the lowest scoring Super Bowl ever, yes, ever. Personally, at the party I attended, most viewers were on their phones the whole time.

There was two things slightly amusing during the Super Bowl: the commercials and halftime show. And the halftime show still managed to be disappointing.

The NFL’s 100-year game commercial grabbed this year’s favorite commercial and managed to be better than the Super Bowl. Amazon ranked number two with their “Not Everything Makes the Cut” commercial in which they shared some irrational ideas for Amazon’s Alexa. Rounding out the top three was Microsoft’s commercial, which revolved around the inclusion of all people for their gaming consoles, including those with limited mobility.

As for the halftime show–whoever chose this year’s performers: better luck next year! In my opinion, this was one of the worst Super Bowl halftimes in recent years. The only redeeming quality of this year’s halftime show was the snippet of Sweet Victory from Spongebob. As soon as viewers of the show erupted in cheer, the moment was taken away just as fast as it was given to us, leaving us with a tone deaf Travis Scott. Scott was so heavily censored in his performance that he was left blotches of silence. And who even is Big Boi? First time I’ve heard of him.

Adam Levine even went shirtless. Why? Adam, what was the point?

This years Super Bowl left so much to be desired, so let’s hope we have a better one next year.