Finding Love Through Science: Your Genetically Perfect Match


Alice Yang, Features Editor

As online dating services such as Tinder become more prominent and integrated in the dating lives of many people on a global scale, a new dating app emerges, claiming to be able to find your perfect match based solely on your DNA. This new scientific approach strikes controversy among many, with some expressing concerns regarding their privacy and others barely being able to contain their excitement over this novel approach to dating.

The developers of the new dating app, Pheramor, explain that the system looks at both the participant’s social media accounts as well as their DNA to match them to their “other half.” The app is scheduled to launch on February 10, 2018 and will focus on three main aspects: personality, attraction, and interests. Surprisingly, the participants’ DNA is only used in the attraction category. It only sequences the genes responsible for attraction; this means that nothing else is looked at, including diseases or race. This raises the question of just how different this app is from its numerous other competitors on the market. If DNA, the very thing that differentiates Pheramor from other dating services, only comes into play for a small part of the process, is it worth it? Another point of debate is whether participants’ privacy is adequately protected. While the company promises to ensure individuals’ privacy, many are still skeptical.

However, one of the advantages of using a DNA-based dating app is that participants do not have to worry about being catfished. Pheramor’s developers claim that “genetics and data don’t lie,” and that the participants would have authentic descriptions.

The name Pheramor comes from the science of pheromones, which are small molecules that we admit from our bodies. In past experiments, it was discovered that the more differentiated the DNA is between two people, the greater the attraction is between them. The researchers had women smell and rank the T-shirts that men had worn. The data gathered pointed towards a greater attraction when then man’s genome is distinct from the woman’s.

Even if you may not be on board with the DNA-based dating system, there is no question that dating has risen to a whole new level.