Vine Co Founder Hints at “Vine 2”


Is the Vine 2 announcement simply a corporate tease or will it actually happen? Will it live up to the excitement it’s being given?

Samuel Kim, OpEd Editor

We all remember the old vine: its short, funny video memes and its celebrities who continue to play an important role in social media today. What we also remember are the videos we shared with our friends and the special moments we captured with Vine. As fun as it was, Vine was shut down earlier this year, as a result of lack of interest and close competition with other social media platforms.

There were some early rumors that the concept of Vine was going to resurface. The founder of Vine, Dom Hofmann, even tweeted that he was making a “follow up on Vine” and was personally funding the project.  However, earlier this month Hofmann tweeted out an image of the Vine 2 logo, confirming many suspicions that the Vine app will make a comeback.

In the development process, Hofmann and his team are trying to solve issues that have plagued Vine before. The first issue being maintaining excitement. In its early stages, the old Vine had an enormous amount of usage and excitement. However, as the months went by, people began to lose interest and turn to other apps which offered more time and different features. The second issue that plagued the old version of Vine was its usage, by celebrities, to become famous. Presently famous YouTubers, Jake Paul, Amanda Cerny, and Logan Paul, all became famous on Vine which helped build their social media careers. Many people decided to follow a similar path so consistently, that Vine was viewed as more of a stepping stone to stardom, rather than the end goal.

Although specific details about the new Vine have not been released yet, Hofmann released three guiding principles for the new Vine: equal voices for all, generosity for all, and a safe space for all. By giving equal time for all creators, it allows ordinary users of Vine 2 to share amazing content that may be beneficial for the Vine community. Generosity and creating a safe environment will both serve to create a protective environment for creativity to blossom and bloom, without the derogatory videos that were posted on the old vine.

There is currently a lot more speculation about Vine 2, its functions, and its goals. However, the passion of its fans has definitely created much anticipation for its release sometime in the near future.