Newsday Op-Ed Calls for Change

Samuel Kim, Staff Writer

Last week, Newsday published an Op-Ed featuring a piece by Dominick DiCarlo, a junior at Ward Melville High School. In this piece, Mr. DiCarlo argued that conservatives are treated unfairly in his school. He also said that Trump supporters are subjected to ridicule.

As a response to this article, school officials met with Mr. DiCarlo to discuss his article and how changes could be made. In a press release, Dominick said that the meeting covered a variety of subjects and issues students faced. Thus far, the school has not commented.

Ever since “Gown-gate,” and the protests that followed, school officials have been agitated and frustrated with student political activities. According to an anonymous source, Mr. DiCarlo’s letter was read out loud at a faculty meeting and discussed.

Dominic’s article gave the school a clear message: students will not be forgotten. Although the school seeks to implement policies without student consent, its actions will be ignored no longer.