Are the DiLo Awards Canceled?


Jessica Guo

In the last few years, the DiLo Guild Awards have become a cherished school tradition enjoyed by faculty and students alike. The show honors Ward Melville students’ work in video and film production, and it is one of many memorable events that occur at the end of the school year. However, rumors have spread that the DiLo Awards have been cancelled, to the confusion and disappointment of many students.

There is actually a simple explanation for the “cancellation”. The DiLo Awards won’t occur this year, but it isn’t technically canceled. As Mrs. DiLorenzo explained, “Instead it will alternate with the end of the year Art Show every other year. So this year we will highlight the art students and next year we will highlight the film students.” Considering the plethora of end-of-year activities at Ward Melville, this is a reasonable justification. However, some seniors might feel adversely since they will be graduating and will no longer attend Ward Melville by the time the next DiLo Guild Awards occurs. But rest assured, the DiLo Awards are not permanently cancelled.