The Mariah Carey Fiasco and How Lip Syncing May Not be so Bad


Duty Free Picture from Mariah Network

Mariah Carey Enters New Year’s Eve Event

Samuel Kim, Staff Writer

This entire publicity fiasco started, when Mariah Carey lip synced for her own song. Although the 46-year-old singer denied allegations of cheating, like many politicians, she was guilty of lying to her fans. Want proof? She said, right in the middle of her song, “We didn’t have a [soundtrack] here, but that’s alright it’s New Year’s Eve.” This lip syncing failure has lead to some harsh criticism. I interviewed an English teacher, Mr. Oatis, who even said, “Her fans are going to see live shows. Think about that.”

However, is Mariah Carey the only musician to cheat her fans? Probably not. Sources, from, have stated that scores of artists have used this technique for less shady purposes since lip syncing has often provided attendees with an optimal listening experience. It has been confirmed that top rated artists, like Coldplay and Beyonce, have prerecorded tracks for this purpose. In  other words, they want to make the concert sounds as good as the album did. Singers also lip sync, because of health concerns and extremely different weather conditions. Variables, such as temperature and humidity, may affect recording and sound equipment. Thus, having a prerecorded track, that would give the listener the experience they hoped, would be preferable to absolute failure.

Thus, although there has been much outrage over this debacle, Mariah Carey is not the only one to lip sync. However, lip syncing may be a viable and better alternative in some cases. It can give the fans a audibly pleasant, but not authentic, experience.